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Your HVAC unit is under attack. The average unit lasts between 12 and 15 years. This seems like a long time, yet your unit can break down in less than 10 years, and it can cost nearly $10,000 to replace. If you want your unit to last for decades, you need to think about HVAC maintenance. There are many basic steps you can take to make your unit last longer. You can take the first step right now by educating yourself on maintenance tips.

When do you need to replace parts of your HVAC unit? How should you clean your unit? When do you need to schedule appointments with repair technicians?

Answer these questions and you can have perfect air in your home for years to come. Here is your quick guide.

Change Your Filters

Your AC filters capture dust, hair, and debris, keeping your air clean. If you notice dust floating through the air, your filters are clogged or broken and need to be changed. You should also change your filters every 30 days, as they tend to become clogged around that time.

Find exact replicas of the filters you have. Follow the instructions on the package so you put them inside your AC without damaging your heating system.

Clean Your Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit is exposed to dirt, leaves, and other debris. You must go outside and examine your unit multiple times a month and after any major storm.

If you see debris, you should remove it with your hand and throw it in a trash bin. You should also hose your unit down with water, removing dirt and dust. Try to trim the plants around your unit, giving one to three feet of space so the air can flow in and out.

Clear the Area Around Your Unit

You need to clear the space around your interior unit as well. This allows air to flow properly, and it lets you feel the effects of your HVAC unit.

Do not allow pets to go near your unit, as their fur and hair can slip inside. You can install a fence around it to keep the pets from entering. You should vacuum the room your unit is in and remove any shag or tattered carpeting.

Schedule Appointments With Professionals

All homeowners should schedule appointments with maintenance professionals. Even if you are maintaining your unit properly, a professional can give you HVAC maintenance tips.

Try to get one appointment during the spring and another during the fall. During the spring appointment, the repairperson can fix your air conditioning system and calibrate your thermostat. During the fall appointment, they can repair your heating system and lubricate the moving parts.

Figure Out HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance requires your best effort. Take a look at your filters every month and swap them out whenever they get clogged. Go outside and clean your unit once a week.

You also need to protect your interior unit from pet hair and debris. Fence off your vents so the air can circulate without picking up contaminants. Even if you don’t notice problems with your unit, you should schedule appointments twice a year.

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