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67% of Southern households leave their AC on all day. It helps beat the heat but comes at a cost.

A traditional, non-programmable thermostat forces you to adjust it by hand. Your system has to keep working, even while you’re gone. This racks up your bills and puts undue wear on your HVAC.

A programmable thermostat saves you money and provides better temperature control by adapting your schedule. Read on to learn why you should make the switch.

How Do Thermostats Work?

An analog thermostat works based on the principle of thermal expansion. It states that almost everything grows when it’s heated and gets smaller when it cools down.

The thermostat uses gas or bonded temperature-sensitive metal. It expands and contracts as temperatures change, turning the HVAC system on and off.

A programmable thermostat also uses thermal expansion but allows you to schedule how often it occurs. There are four settings; wake, leave, return, and sleep.

Most models let you tailor them to your schedule. Others have weekday and weekend settings that you can switch between. You can also change it based on the season. Aim for an ideal temperature of 78° at all times.

Signs to Replace Your Thermostat

There are a few signs that your thermostat may be failing despite your best attempts at heating and cooling maintenance. They include:

  • HVAC turns on/off at random
  • Short cycling
  • Faulty readings
  • Uneven heating or cooling
  • High energy bills
  • Constant temperature fluctuations

The average lifespan of a thermostat depends on what type it is. Old analog thermostats typically last about ten years with proper maintenance. If it’s older than that, it should be replaced as part of an AC and heating tuneup.

Why You Should Choose a Programmable Thermostat

Analog thermostats are simple but slow to respond and register changes in temperature. You have to remember to adjust them every time you leave the house.

Programmable thermostats only work when you program them to. This is an easy way to reduce the strain on your HVAC system and lower your bills.

Programmable thermostats also include advanced features. They’ll help keep your home or workplace comfortable and improve your indoor air quality.

Smart Thermostats

33 million homes in the US have smart thermostats. They’re a special type of programmable thermostat that works in much the same way but offers additional benefits.

Certain models are compatible with phones, computers, and tablets. They may offer features such as:

  • Voice control
  • Motion sensing
  • Geofencing
  • Energy use reports
  • Optimizing temperatures based on local weather
  • Schedule predictions

Smart thermostats are the most convenient option. Most allow you to control your home’s temperature from anywhere at any time.

Kuebler Mechanical Can Upgrade Your Non-Programmable Thermostat

AC companies used to only be able to install a non-programmable thermostat. You can’t set or adjust them while you’re gone or tailor them to your schedule.

A programmable or smart thermostat is more convenient and offers additional features. It saves you money while increasing your comfort.

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