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The hot season in Port Saint Lucie, FL is a lot longer than it is in most other parts of the country. It starts just before Memorial Day and it runs through the end of September. The average temperature sits at right around 86 degrees Fahrenheit during this stretch, and it’ll routinely top the 90-degree mark.

Because of this, many people who live in Port Saint Lucie, FL will keep their windows closed for the majority of the summer and leave their air conditioning systems turned on. It can take a toll on their indoor air quality, and if they’re not careful, the air quality in their houses can have a negative impact on their health.

It makes it important for you to understand the importance of HVAC air filters when it comes to the indoor air quality of your Port Saint Lucie, FL home. Learn more about it below.

What HVAC Air Filters Do

All air conditioning systems have air filters inside them. These air filters play a very important role in the overall well-being of HVAC systems.

They’re responsible for filtering the air that passes through HVAC systems. They can remove everything from dust to allergens to pet dander from the air in homes before it enters HVAC systems.

Every HVAC system has a different air filter in it. Air filters come in many shapes and sizes. They’re also designed to remove different things from the air.

But no matter which air filter is found in your home’s HVAC system, it’ll have an effect on your indoor air quality.

How HVAC Air Filters Affect Indoor Air Quality

HVAC air filters can affect the indoor air quality in a Port Saint Lucie, FL home in a positive or negative way. It all depends on which air filters homeowners use and how often they replace them.

If you invest in a high-quality air filter and make it a point to replace it accordingly, this air filter should improve your indoor air quality. You should find that your home’s air will be free of dust and other contaminants that could potentially cause health issues.

If, however, you use the cheapest air filters you can find and leave them in your HVAC system for months on end, they might wreak havoc on your home’s indoor air quality. Your house will eventually be filled with dust and other contaminants that’ll make it more difficult to breathe than it should be.

When HVAC Air Filters Should Be Replaced

Generally speaking, you should try to get into the habit of replacing your home’s HVAC air filter at least once every 3 months. You may, however, want to do it more often than this during the summer months, especially if your air conditioning system is running all the time.

At the end of the day, HVAC air filters don’t cost much money. They’re also not hard to install. By putting new HVAC air filters in place on a regular basis, you should be able to keep your indoor air quality in a good place and make your air conditioning system more efficient.

We Can Help Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Is your home’s indoor air quality in a bad place right now? You might want to try replacing your HVAC air filters more often.

If that doesn’t work, Kuebler Mechanical can figure out what the problem is. We can provide a wide range of HVAC services in Port Saint Lucie, FL, including AC system installation, maintenance, and repair.

Touch base with us today to schedule HVAC services.