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Did you know experts projected Port Saint Lucie, FL, to have a 47% likelihood of having a 3+ day heatwave this 2023? Three decades ago, such conditions were only 8% likely to happen.

Experts also say this coming winter will be colder. They even forecast Floridians to experience frosts!

Those are good enough reasons to be familiar with common HVAC problems. This way, you can troubleshoot and fix them before they affect your indoor climate.

To that end, we created this guide on common HVAC issues. So read on, as we’ve also included tips on fixing them.

1. Water Leaks

Your air conditioner can leak water if its condensate drain line gets clogged. To resolve (and prevent) this issue, clean and flush the line regularly.

Your AC may also leak if its drain pan has cracked or rusted through. In this case, your best bet is to replace the damaged pan.

2. Low Refrigerant Level

This issue can be due to improper installation or a damaged refrigerant line.

A damaged refrigerant line can cause your AC to leak water and refrigerant. This can lead to your AC failing to cool your home efficiently.

If you suspect you have a refrigerant leak, you need professional HVAC solutions. An experienced AC repair technician in Port Saint Lucie, FL, may have to recharge your system. But if your AC is older, the pro may suggest replacing it with a better, more efficient model.

3. Loud or Odd HVAC Noises

HVAC noises include rattling, screaming, buzzing, and hissing, to name a few.

A rattling sound may indicate a loose component or a foreign object. Follow the noise; you may only have to re-attach or tighten the loosened part or remove the foreign item.

If you hear any other weird noise, please turn off your system ASAP, especially if it gets louder. It may signal a more significant problem that requires professional HVAC repairs.

4. Poor Airflow

Poor airflow often results from dirty or clogged HVAC air filters. So, these are the first things to check if your AC or heating system feels like it’s not blowing enough cool or warm air. You may only have to wash or replace the filters to resolve your problems.

Ensure nothing obstructs your HVAC vents, either.

If, after doing the above, you still have airflow issues, it may be time to call a residential HVAC repair company.

5. Short Cycling

Short cycling is when an HVAC system turns on and off too frequently. It indicates poor functioning and inefficiency and can be due to electrical issues. Thus, it’s best to leave this problem in the hands of a pro.

A good enough reason is to avoid putting yourself at risk of electrical hazards. FYI, at least 30,000 non-fatal electrical shock incidents occur in the U.S. yearly.

Address HVAC Problems Without Delay

From leaks to odd noises and short cycling, these are all common HVAC problems. Fortunately, they’re fixable, provided you address them immediately. Even better, you can prevent them with proper care and maintenance.

Are you facing one or more HVAC woes in your Port Saint Lucie home? Then, our team here at Kuebler Mechanical is ready to help! Contact us now so we can get to the bottom of your concerns!