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Florida is one of the most humid states in the country, right behind Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. For some comparison, Florida has a humidity level of 85.58% while California only has 67.77%. They’re both beach states and yet one has a much muggier atmosphere.

As such, anyone who lives in Florida will want to maintain some kind of comfortable humidity levels in their homes. Failure to do so can not only cause a sweaty environment but also one full of dangers to your family.

Here’s your Fall HVAC guide on humidity control and why it’s important.

What Causes High Humidity in a House?

First of all, it’s important to understand what may cause high humidity in your house. The wetter and hotter the environment, the more humidity you will encounter. Unfortunately, Florida is notorious for this.

If you leave your windows open during the day, that may cause humidity levels to rise. The same goes for keeping your home shut without any circulation. Airflow is key to preventing humidity build-up.

If your AC is failing, then that’ll also cause problems with both temperature and humidity levels.

Problems Caused By Poor Humidity Control

There are multiple reasons why you should be concerned about poor humidity control.

To begin with, your home may begin to develop both mildew and mold. These can ruin fabrics in your home, such as your clothing and furnishings. The mold will also make its way under your floorboards and into your walls.

Secondly, breathing in mold is not good for the human body. It can aggravate your allergies and make it difficult to breathe.

Furthermore, higher humidity will raise your core body temperature which can make you overheat. Your mood will also worsen as you grow increasingly uncomfortable.

How to Control Humidity Levels

If you want to get lower house humidity levels, you may want to get an indoor air quality test. This test will help assess whether or not your home has developed things like mold or mildew.

Two of the best ways to deal with high humidity are with either your HVAC system or dehumidifiers.

Air conditioning naturally removes humidity by cooling your home and removing excess dampness from the air. They’re especially effective if you have central air installed.

Dehumidifiers focus specifically on removing humidity. Most of them also double as air purifiers by filtering out particulate and airborne pathogens.

In addition, you should invest in better home insulation. Products like weather stripping can help your AC work more efficiently and limit how much outside air gets into your home.

Keep Your AC in Good Condition, Schedule HVAC Maintenance Service in Port St. Lucie With Kuebler Mechanical

When it comes down to it, the best way to achieve good humidity control is with your AC system. At least in Florida, you’d have to be crazy not to have some kind of air conditioning to help beat the heat. Your AC also doubles as a dehumidifier.

Kuebler Mechanical can help set you up with a new AC system in the Treasure Coast and surrounding areas. We also offer dependable AC and heating repair services. Contact us to learn more and get a quote on your new system.