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While Florida might be known for having pleasant weather all year long, there are times when you might need the help of your heater to keep warm during the chilly months. Around 83% of homes use furnaces to ensure their homes stay comfortable. The last thing you want is for your heating system to not function when you need it the most. 

Your furnace won’t consider the outside temperature or your schedule when it decides to break down. A furnace repair emergency never happens at a convenient moment. You might need to contact an emergency heating repair company to get your system back up and running. 

This article will discuss common emergency furnace repair services. We’ll also talk about signs you might need to call a heating and cooling maintenance company in Saint Lucie. 

Common Furnace Repairs 

There are some HVAC system repairs that are minor and some that indicate a more serious issue. Let’s talk about some of the most common ones. 

Dirty Air Filters

If your furnace isn’t performing as it should, it might mean that your air filters are clogged. Dirty air filters can prevent warm air from efficiently circulating through your home. Signs that you might need to have your filters changed include:

  • Short on/off cycles
  • Poor air quality
  • Decreased heating capabilities 

Professional heating and AC companies in Saint Lucie can determine if you need new air filters. 

Worn Out Heat Exchanger

Your furnace’s heat exchanger is comprised of a coil of heated tubes. Your HVAC system pushes air through the heated tubes before expelling it into your home. The heat exchanger can become worn out over time and need replacing. 

Grimy Flame Sensor 

Your furnace comes equipped with a limit switch that ensures the unit stays running while keeping you safe. The limit switch tells your furnace when to turn on and off.

It has a flame sensor rod attached to its surface. Once your furnace turns on, the flame sensor determines if the pilot flame is lit. If it’s not, the safety device will turn your furnace off

Debris and soot can build up on the flame sensor, resulting in malfunctions. An AC and heating tune-up appointment will ensure the sensor gets cleaned so it can perform efficiently. 

Signs You Need Emergency Heating Services

If you’ve been looking for “heating and cooling near me,” you might already be thinking you need an emergency appointment. Some indicators you might need to contact a company can include:

  • Your furnace’s fan won’t shut off
  • Cold air is coming from the vents
  • Unusual noises and smells coming from the furnace
  • Your carbon monoxide alarm went off

Reach out to an experienced HVAC repair company in Saint Lucie right away if your furnace starts doing anything unexpected. 

Get Professional Emergency Heating Services in Saint Lucie

You shouldn’t wait to schedule an emergency heating repair appointment. Prevent more serious issues from occurring by getting in touch with a company right away. 

If you’ve been searching for “heating near me” in the Saint Lucie area, look no further than Kuebler Mechanical. We offer quick response times for our emergency heating repair services. Call our office to request a free furnace estimate today